999+ Best Sad Status in English | Sad Quotes 2021

⚫ There are sometimes when we all feel lost.

⚫ I’m more broken than it shows.

⚫ Expectations have been the root of all heartache.

⚫ Loneliness usually doesn’t kill though sometimes I wish it did.

⚫ One of my biggest reasons for loss is expectations.

⚫ What the heart can’t delete are always replayed by the mind.

⚫ He’s left, but the memories still remain.

⚫ Sometimes you just need to get away.

⚫ Sometimes you feel better staying ALONE!

⚫ It’s OK… Seems I was originally designed to stay alone.

⚫ I’m usually silent on the inside but screaming on top of my voice from the inside.

⚫ It’s sad most times when you get stuck in the middle not knowing whether to Give
Up or Wait.

⚫ I’m gradually schooling myself not to allow my happiness to depend on people.

⚫ Though it’s sad, I’m getting used to every day hurt.

⚫ Depression is sadness without a well-defined cause.

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