999+ Best Sad Status in English | Sad Quotes 2021

⚫ The worst of it all is a feeling of sadness without a cause.

⚫ I’m feeling so sad and empty inside.

⚫ You don’t have the right to please everybody.

⚫ If only you can see the pains behind the smile.

⚫ It hurts, but I’ll be fine… I’m used to it.

⚫ I’m never alone because loneliness is always with me.

⚫ I hide all my inner scars with a fake smile.

⚫ No one cares in reality, they’re just curious.

⚫ A fake smile can hide a billion tears.

⚫ Another word for my pain is my silence.

⚫ You would never understand anything behind my smile.

⚫ Give them a smile and they will never see how broken you are inside.

⚫ And, I’m sad. Again.

⚫ I don’t want to be left alone, I want to be alone.

⚫ Staying alone most times is better because no one can hurt you.

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